Rethink mobility
06 | 05 | 2019 Berlin

About #mobltcamp

#mobltcamp is a platform for technology and mobility. On 5 June 2019, we invited you to become part of tomorrow's mobility at the third #mobltcamp event, with the theme of "RETHINK MOBILITY."

At the Barcamp in the "Quadriga Forum" in Berlin, decision-makers, lateral thinkers, and visionaries from business, science, and administration met with a focus on logistics, digital infrastructure, and development. We debated new concepts for intermodal transport, questioned the joint use of resources and infrastructures, and dealt with the changes that innovative transport and mobility arrangements bring with them.

In short: cross-industry, authentic, user-driven, and dialogue-oriented knowledge transfer and networking at eye level.

We have discussed offers and solutions with experts from the mobile economy and the technology scene.

Keynotes were held by:

Foto Thorsten Heilig

Thorsten Heilig
COO moovel Group GmbH (becomes REACH NOW)
Topic: Vision of a city without traffic jam


Foto Ursula Menhart

Ursula Menhart
Head of Government Relations Germany
Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH
Topic: Cleaner Energy for Mobility – Let’s make the future


Location mob:l:t:camp

Quadriga Forum
Werderscher Markt 13/15
10117 Berlin
U2 Hausvogteiplatz


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Never been to a barcamp?

To enable an exchange at eye level and to create the right atmosphere for creative ideas and solutions, we structured #mobltcamp using the Barcamp event format.

Barcamps are so-called "ad-hoc conferences," at which all participants jointly design the agenda. They offer an ingenious combination of brainstorming, seminar, and free exchange of experience and opinions. The participants also determine the contents of the bar camp. They exchange their knowledge and experiences, collect, think further, try new things, and look for solutions together. Participants generate new ideas and learn from each other.

Each participant can propose topics, vote on the contents of the programme, and choose from the workshops, lectures, and discussions offered. In this way, everyone can put together their own personal programme and make the most of the day.

The #mobltcamp was an excellent format for exploring topics and gathering feedback. The joint setting of topics and design of the conference programme, as well as the self-organised sessions, represented the broad spectrum of new mobility and opened further discourses.



Registration: Coffee and snacks

Welcome and opening

Session planning

Impulse 1: Vision of a city without traffic jam

Impulse 2: Cleaner Energy for Mobility – Let’s make the future

1st session

2nd session

Lunch break

3rd session

4th session

5th session

Wrap-up: Feedback, discussion

Get together (BBQ)


#mobltcamp gallery

This is how #mobltcamp 2019 looked like.


Here you find the presentations from the sessions of 2019 as well as our graphic recording and session plan.